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What is Reiki?

Reiki is translated as “Universal Life force Energy”. It comes from the combination of two Japanese words “Rei” which means “Spirit or Universal Power” and “Ki” which means “Life force energy”. It is, so to speak, the healing energy of Love and Harmony in the Universe.

The Japanese art of healing…

Reiki is a simple, safe and natural hands-on healing. It was established by Mr. Mikao Usui in 1922 in Japan. The origin of hands-on healing comes from very natural human behavior like “mother’s hands” touching with compassion her child’s stomach.
A practitioner’s hands are lightly placed on the surface of the body including head, torso and leg in order to transmit the energy to a client.

This energy, like crystal clear water, assists the client’s ability to self heal

Just like a river that has plenty of flowing water can keep itself clear and pure. An abundance of energy flow leads to release from stress or tension, and promotes detoxification.

Reiki supports the energy field around the client to return to its perfect natural state

The energetic healing is compared to the resonance effect between two tuning forks where one sounds by itself when the other is hit. Resonance with the high vibration energy field of Reiki helps a client reconnect with their true self and Nature as if a musical instrument is back in tune.

For body, mind and spirit…

For all people Reiki treats all aspects of a client’s trouble whether in body, mind or unconscious levels. It is used on people of all ages including children, pregnant women and families of a patient and can be used safely with traditional and allopathic medicine and any therapies.

Reiki is NOT a religion.

It is suitable for people of any belief or religion.


Reiki and Shiatsu based Massage can be combined in a session according to the client’s needs.