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Events & Workshops



Reiki Gathering to be confirmed

This is an opportunity for Reiki practitioners to see fellows, exchange practices and share experiences.


[Contents] Rei-ju (Traditional energy activation/attunement), Q&A or Sharing your experience, Reiki healing practice exchange

[Time] 7:30pm

[Cost] $10 ($15 for those who were attuned by other teachers)

[Venue] 1 Iona Rd Havelock North


Crystal Singing Bowl Sound Shower&"Koto-Dama" purification/cleaning


The 1st Thursday of the month , at 7:45 pm, Havelock North

[Venue] Breathe, 32 Havelock Rd, Havelock North

[Cost] $25 at the door, or $20 Early bird (Book and Pay by a week in advance)


Meditation, Deep relaxation, Energy alignment/balancing and Energy clearing/releasing with healing sounds of Crystal Singing Bowls
Interesting energetic experiments, talks, practices relating to Grounding, Centering, Activating the power of Love, intention, inspiration etc, Shadow integration, Deepening the connection with Higher-Self and so on...



Usui Reiki: Level 1, 2 and 3 from October

[The first level]

This level is to open a connection to healing energy of Reik within your energy field. Through this one day/6-hour seminar, participants will be able to use Reiki energy for healing self, family and friends.


[The second level]

This is an advanced two-day/12-hour course to extend the healing ability with Symbols and Mantras utilising specific aspects of the energy. In Reiki 2, 3 attunements will be given to utilize 3 symbols that are, so to speak, “Light switches” assisting a more extended journey.


[The third level]

In level 3 two-day course, the Master symbol and practical techniques will be given.



Fee: $220 for the first level, $330 for the second level and $550 for the third level

Special discount for booking level 1&2 or level 1,2 & 3 at once. (Less $50 on Level 2 & 3)


[Intro-workshop] This two-hour workshop offers an opportunity to get an overview about a natural hands-on healing called Reiki. A booklet with basic description, healing-oriented life perspective and brief history of Reiki will be provided and you can also experience easy instant energy exercises.*Sorry, no Intro-Workshop is currently provided.

[The first level] Reiki history, Back ground, Principles, Attunments for opening a connection for the source of Reiki energy. Basic techniques and positions for healing self and others. Excercises for self-healing/cleansing, grounding and self-development as a conduit of the Light.

[The second level] Basic perspective for Symbols and Mantras, Discription for The Power symbol, The Harmony symbol and The Transcendence symbol, Attunements for activating energy connections with symbols. Practice; the distance healing, the past time healing, the future work, Techniques; deprogramming, detoxifying and grounding, "Hara/Tan Den Breathing" exercise, The method for generating the Universal energy - "Hatsu Rei Ho".





For booking or any enquiries, please contact Shu.

Tel. 06 8771298 or Email through this form.

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