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What is Crystal Singing Bowls?

Crystal Singing Bowls are made of 99% pure quartz crystal. The bowls emit a beautiful sound lasting several minutes which contains rich resonance of much higher frequency than human’s perceptible range of hearing.

Researches show that α-wave or θ-wave quickly appears in listeners’ brain and the state of deep relaxation can improve immune system or certain symptoms.
It is said the sound of the bowls can penetrate physical body, reaching at the very cells and even energy level, and cause them to re-balance by oscillation and resonance.

Sound healing and Chakra/energy centres balancing

The notes of this powerful sonic tool correspond with Chakras/energy centres, hence the energy centres can be “tuned” through “resonance” with vibration of the sounds.

As layers of “celestial resonance” will get a recipient free from “terrestrial noise” through a special experience of expanded consciousness, disharmony can resolve into resources in life.


The Bowls used in a session or meditation are "Alchemy Singing Bowls". The bowls made with pure Quartz and the fine gemstones or precious metals are remarkable innovation in Crystal SInging Bowls. The bright celestial energy of sounds is very different from traditional metal singing bowls or even thick classic Crystal Bowls.



Crystal Singing Bowl Sound Shower/Meditations are held weekly and monthly in Hastings and Havelock North.


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We are the NZ first distributor of Crystal Singing Bowls produced by CRYSTAL TONES. Any enquiries are welcome to buy it.