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What are Crystals for?

Crystals and stones have been used and revered for healing, protection from negative energy or connection with spirits in many cultures or religions since ancient times.


The energies of Mineral kingdom are said as “Universal Energies”. Unique energy properties in crystals are described as supports, enhancers or accelerators in a path of personal development and spiritual journey.


As dominant nature of the Earth element is relating to “form” and “place” for manifestation of essence in this plane, it is considered that crystals influence consciousness level through “creating a formation” or “placing on the energy centres”.


Crystal "MANDALA" formation

MANDALA is a sacred art work that represents the Universe/Cosmos. In a session, a client is asked to create an original crystal “MANDALA”?formation from a variety of crystals as a tool for self investigation and a “Portal” to spiritual realms for inviting the client’s higher self, spiritual guides, guardians, beings of Angelic realms or other spiritual existences to participate in the process.


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