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A treatment is given in a tranquil and private atmosphere, and generally lasts a total of 90 minutes, including refreshment or consultation. The client lies fully-clothed on a massage table for 60 minutes, or in a chair seated comfortably (or on a hospital bed in a visit session for instance) depending on the client’s condition. According to consensus, an extension of session time to 120 minutes will be done.

Just for relaxation or energy balancing, a short session is available.


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Reiki, Shiatsu based Massage, Sound healing with Crystal Singing Bowls and Crystal work can be combined in a session according to the client’s needs.


Home visits are available. A branch room session in Hastings city centre will be available.


What will happen after/during a treatment?

The healing process is varied and depends on each person, but always happens from the inside of the client. The process may be a kind of message and the client’s life lesson from his/her body, mind, soul and spirit.


A series of 3 to 6 sessions is recommended to get the process on track when it is the first time for the client to receive healing treatments.


Some people may temporarily experience a cleansing or detoxification called “Healing Reaction”. The client might have a pain, a fever or an intensification of the ailment during this period. This is a natural process when waste matter is discharged from the body. Generally, it will settle within a few days and the “pick up” will start soon.


Once the healing process has been entered, the effect can expand outwardly. For example, other “Gifts” of healing physical pain can be emotional improvement, restoration of human relations or increasing self-awareness.





Consultation Fees

The first Session (70 - 80 min)

$ 100.00 ($90 the second session onward)

Short session (40 min)

$ 60.00

3 treatment Pack (3 x 60 min everyweek, the second session onward)


4 short treatment Pack (4 x 30 min everyweek)


Gift Voucher available



Short sessions are for energy balancing/alignment after the first session

*Home visits available.

*Holiday/Weekend will be open on request.



For booking, please contact Shu.

Tel. 0210549035 or Email through this form.

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