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Usui Reiki?Master/Teacher
LightarianTM Reiki?Master/Teacher
SSR-SKHM?? Practitioner

Shu was extensively trained in Reiki in Kyoto, the cradle of Reiki, and learned Zen Shiatsu in Japan. He is now practicing natural healing arts in Hawkes Bay.


A story of Shu

I have been in New Zealand since 2005 and became a permanent resident so I could bring up my children in this beautiful country. I intend to devote my 'energy' to assisting people and nature from the viewpoint of holistic health and natural life.

The encounter with ‘Something Great’…

I was born in a large industrial city in Japan in 1971. I grew up in an ordinary family with parents who were strong atheists.

As many little children can experience, I had felt 'Something Great' around myself in childhood. However, the feeling had not been related with religious image or spiritual existence because of my parents’ education.


As a result of this, the quest for subtle feelings happened in my inner space in secret. Eventually, just before my teens, I found that a part of my deeper inner space was connecting to ‘Light’ which I called as ‘the Holy I’ instead of a particular name of idol.

If I am wholly here, 'the Holy I' is here.

A vision to New Zealand…

At that time, one day, I had a vision of living in a beautiful country that had green hills, forests and lakes. A couple of days later from this I learned about New Zealand in a geography lesson.


But this vision gradually went to an obscure corner in my mind during my teenage years.

Changing my life…

When we had our first child, I was working in a large Japanese company as a staff member of the human resource management department. Although my career was promising, I was extremely motivated to change my life direction.

I did not take a long time to decide changing my life to another direction that I would go overseas with my family. I started to look for something to bring from Japan.


Meeting Reiki…

As I had practised an original breath and energy work to maintain myself in my youth, I took a Reiki workshop on trial in Kyoto. It had many similarities with my work in the ideas and methods but the effects were far above mine.

Then I had the inspiration to learn Japanese arts of healing for people in my new place.

After hundreds of practice sessions under my Reiki Master’s supervising and training, I was initiated as a Reiki Master. Simultaneously, I was leaning Shiatsu.


This opportunity is our ‘Destiny’…

I am looking forward to meeting you and wiil be pleased to assist you to advance the healing process in your holy life journey.

Please feel free to ask me to help you with any enquiries, because the fact that you are browsing this site is a kind of destiny of meeting like my journey to New Zealand!


Reiki Lineage

Mikao Usui (The founder of Reiki)

(Western Reiki)


Chujiro Hayashi

Hawayo Takata

Ethel Lombadi

Tom Ligler


(Traditional Reiki)


Kanichi Taketomi

Kimiko Koyama

Hiroshi Doi


Yuko Okamoto / Yukio Miura


Shu Shimaoka