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Crystal Singing Bowls workshop & events


Full Moon Crystal Singing Bowl Sound Shower
May the highest vibrational energy on you! ...Shower of Light & Healing Sound ...
Meditation, Deep relaxation, Energy alignment/balancing and Energy clearing/releasing with healing sounds of Crystal Singing Bowls

When: 8:00 pm Full Moon of the month,

Thu 15 Aug, Sat 14 Sep, Mon 14 Oct, Thu 14 Nov & Thu 12 Dec

Where: Breathe, 32 Havelock Rd, Havelock North




Crystal Class & Crystal Singing Bowl Meditation
If you wanted to become more familiar with crystals, please take this. You will have opportunities of exploring into Crystal realms, developing your energetic perceptions and enhancing your Light bodies!

When: 7:00 pm, Thursdays 12th Sep, 17th Oct, 7th Nov and 5th Dec

Where: The Lotus Centre, 1028 St Aubyn St W, Hastings

Investment: $30




Reiki 1
Saturday 19th October 2019

Reiki 2
Sat 9 & Sun 10 November

Reiki 3
Sat 14 & Sun 15 December


Venue: Hastings


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Keywords of Natural Healing -REIKI & SHIATSU based Massage

5 expected benefits of Healing works in RAKWAN Healing Centre

Relaxation, Balancing, Clearing, Acceleration and Awakening

5 aspects of healing process

Awareness, Receptivity, Appreciation, Release and Healing

5 states of a human as a whole being

Oneness, Love, Serenity, Perfection and Existence

The 5 principles in daily life from the founder of Reiki, Dr. Mikao Usui

'The secret to invite happiness and the spiritual medicine for all disease in body and soul'

Just for today,
Don't get angry, Don't worry, Be grateful, Have obligations and Be kind to others



Message from RAKWAN Healing Centre

Take a deep breath
And get into a state of total relaxation

You can hear your own inner voice
Embrace your heart gently

Be released from old burdens
As you are not the problems

Receiving a message from a subtle feeling
You can get a new perception as a whole being

Being in harmony of body, mind and spirit
Your true self can emerge and glow

Open the door to the path of healing
And step forward in your holy life journey

    Reiki Master/Practitioner Shu